“Swapping One Noise for Another”

After an acrimonious three months, Formula One looks to move into a new era fresh from the criticisms of last season. But are these heightened tensions not part and parcel of hugely evocative fight? There was a delight in switching over to watch the first practice session of the 2022 Formula One season yesterday. Having … Continue reading “Swapping One Noise for Another”

“Coming Soon – World in Motorsport: Volume 2”

Some of TheMotorsportArchive.com’s more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a couple of new buttons at the top of the site’s drop-down options, including “cart”, “checkout”, “my account” and “shop”. These have been included to take into account the release of World in Motorsport: Volume 2, which is looking like going on sale next month. Following … Continue reading “Coming Soon – World in Motorsport: Volume 2”

“I Have a Passion for Racing – Barrichello”

With 11 wins from 322 Grand Prix over 19 seasons, Rubens Barrichello is fondly remembered as one of the quickest and most highly respected drivers in the history of Formula One. However, as 2020 stutters along amidst the seemingly endless Coronavirus pandemic, Barrichello – now a stock car racer in South America – is more than just a competitor; he is also a sporting father, as he tells World in Motorsport.